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Taking Your Product's Packaging to the Next Level

The best products deserve the best packaging. Is your product making an impact on the retail shelves? Grimes Packaging can give your product the packaging it needs to really make a statement. We offer contract packaging services for everything from food and beverage to cosmetics. Grimes Packaging can even build a point of sale display for your product! Get your products noticed with the best packaging!

Why choose Grimes as your contract packaging solution?

Grimes is the only packaging company in North Florida that offers contract packaging services in a food grade warehouse facility. In operation for more than 40 years, The Grimes Companies does it all when it comes to 3PL logistics services. We provide manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers throughout the United States and Caribbean Islands with customized warehousing, transportation and/or contract packaging services at competitive rates.

Are you looking to increase product sales? It can be something as simple as investing in new, different and creative packaging.

Interesting product packaging entertains your market. A prospect must first PERCEIVE the personal value in buying/owning a product before he/she buys it. Using this concept, occasionally incorporating new, creative packaging changes for your retail product can improve sales. Why? Because we like and simultaneously dislike the new and different. More on this in a moment.

When it comes to creative packaging, the outer wrapping to your prized retail product inside is part of your sales force. If sales are flat, it might be time to change the packaging to improve sales.

Benefits from New, Different and Creative Packaging

In Ned Herrmann’s book The Creative Brain, we discover that each person is born with certain likes and dislikes. When it comes to likes, we can get saturated in the familiar. This saturation can cause boredom.

Feeling bored with the familiar, we intuitively then want something new or different. So, you see, sometimes we like the new and different and sometimes we don’t. Kind of confusing, right? That’s why it’s important to test, test, test when it comes to marketing. That testing can include sometimes changing product packaging. By making packaging changes, we please a prospect’s brain. A pleased brain is a happy brain.

Brain chemistry balance plays an important part in why people buy what they buy. People who live for excitement love engaging in activities (including buying items) that stimulate dopamine secretion. These are the innovators in our world.

But, there are also people who thrive when things are very familiar and unchanged. When things consistently are familiar, life feels safe for them. These are people who thrive with a balanced serotonin level. Sufficient serotonin levels causes us to feel that everything is all right in our world.

There’s a lot to using packaging when it comes to selling your products. Is it time to change your product’s packaging to increase sales?
Seasonal Packaging & Marketing Infographic

Does Seasonal Packaging Really Work?

Our seasonal packaging infographic was a big hit this year! Our holiday packaging infographic was featured on the top news media outlets in the packaging industry. Do you think that seasonal packaging will increase sales for your business? Is seasonal packing & holiday marketing really worth the investment? Check out our infographic to see what the statistics and research suggests! Need holiday packaging? Contact us for quotes on holiday promotional packaging!

Some of Our Contract Packaging Services include...

Contract Packaging Services Product packaging • Contract Packaging • Co-packing • Alcohol Packaging • Liquor Packaging • Beverage Packaging • Food Packaging • Candy Packaging • Itemize & Barcoding • Makeup & Cosmetic Packaging • Bagging • Boxing • Tape machines • Palletizing • Repackaging • Assembly • Light Manufacturing • Remanufacturing • Point of Sale (POS) Displays • Pallet Displays • Club Store Displays • Bubble Wrapping • Cellophane wrapping • Collating • Crating • Foam • Stretch Film • Cardboard • Cushion • Heat Sealing • Shrink Wrapping • Sorting • Stuffing • Bundling • Binding • Shrink Banding • Insertion • Vacuum packing • Point of Purchase (POP) Display Assembly • Gift Sets • Variety & Sample Packs • Relabeling • Retail Display Assembly • Label Application • Hangtags • Allergen labeling • Corrugated • Food grade • Promotional Packaging • Delayed Shipments & Appointments • Shifted Loads and MORE!


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The Grimes Companies offer expertise in all areas of supply chain management and 3rd party logistics. If you need trucking, warehousing, packaging and/or staffing services, contact us first to learn more about our rates, services and what we can offer you as one of the best third party logistics companies in Jacksonville, Florida and the whole Southeast.

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