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Taking Your Product's Packaging to the Next Level

The best products deserve the best packaging. Is your product making an impact on the retail shelves? Grimes Packaging can give your product the packaging it needs to really make a statement. We offer contract packaging services for everything from food and beverage to cosmetics. Grimes Packaging can even build a point of sale display for your product! Get your products noticed with the best packaging!

Why choose Grimes as your contract packaging solution?

Grimes is the only packaging company in North Florida that offers contract packaging services in a food grade warehouse facility. In operation for more than 40 years, The Grimes Companies does it all when it comes to 3PL logistics services. We provide manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers throughout the United States and Caribbean Islands with customized warehousing, transportation and/or contract packaging services at competitive rates.

Are you going green with your products? Have you heard about edible plastic packaging?

Most food processors wrap their products in plastic. Encasing food in plastic wrap creates a lot of non-recyclable, non-biodegradable waste. Also, plastic films do poorly when it comes to preventing spoilage. Imagine being able to reduce or eliminate using petroleum-based plastic yet still preserve food in an alternative. In 2016, scientists put on their thinking caps and started developing just that - a packaging film made of edible milk proteins. Voila, edible plastic! It boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

Edible Plastic Packaging Blocks Oxygen from Spoiling Food

Protein-based films (i.e., edible plastic) provide powerful oxygen blockers that help prevent food spoilage and food waste. Preventing food spoilage extends a product’s shelf life. Extended shelf life helps a company’s profits and helps consumers stretch their food dollar. It’s a win-win for everyone. But wait, there’s more!

Currently, food packaging comes in mainly unsustainable, undegradable, petroleum-based material. These non-green materials create tons of plastic waste sitting in landfills for years. Environmentally friendly, edible plastic packaging made of the milk protein casein are up to 500 times better at keeping oxygen away from food than plastics.

Some starch-based biodegradable, sustainable, edible plastic packaging is already commercially available; however, this more porous packaging allows oxygen to seep through microholes. The smaller-pored, milk-based packaging creates a tighter design network that keeps oxygen out.

Continuing to work on this environmentally-friendly packaging, researches now believe the correct changes including adding citrus pectin into the blend, makes the packaging even stronger. Additionally, it is more resistant to humidity and high temperatures.

Scientists could also potentially add nutritious additives such as vitamins, probiotics and nutraceuticals to the edible plastic wraps further enhancing foods' values. Stay tuned for the latest packaging developments in edible plastic. It’s good to know scientists are helping feed the planet!

Seasonal Packaging & Marketing Infographic

Does Seasonal Packaging Really Work?

Our seasonal packaging infographic was a big hit this year! Our holiday packaging infographic was featured on the top news media outlets in the packaging industry. Do you think that seasonal packaging will increase sales for your business? Is seasonal packing & holiday marketing really worth the investment? Check out our infographic to see what the statistics and research suggests! Need holiday packaging? Contact us for quotes on holiday promotional packaging!

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